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Bienvenidos a The Law Offices of Rebecca Carcagno, PLLC!


La Abogado Carcagno está encantada por la oportunidad de ayudarle con sus necesidades legales de inmigración estadounidense.    


The Law Offices of Rebecca Carcagno, PLLC es una firma de servicio completo de inmigración estadounidense basada en Ann Arbor, Michigan.  La firma brinda servicios de visas, green card, y naturalization estadounidense y la ciudadanía y otros servicios de inmigración estadounidense.  

La Abogado Carcagno ofrece un proceso de admisión de elegibilidad por teléfono gratis y tarifas competitivas.  A diferencia de otras firmas, ella se encarga del caso desde el principio hasta el final.


La Abogado Carcagno piensa en operar su firma con énfasis en la transparencia y ser conveniente al cliente.  Ella cree que los clientes debe quedar completamente informado de su caso y como opera la firma.  También, ella entiende que los clientes están ocupados y intenta ser lo más flexible posible cuando comunicándole con el cliente sobre el caso.  


Sobre todo, su meta como abogado de inmigración es hacer que sus servicios sean la mejor experiencia posible para sus clientes.



Residencia Permanente Basada en Empleo 

Si desea inmigrar a los EE.UU. como residente permanente estadounidense basado en sus propias calificaciones o si es empleador eligible queriendo pedir a un empleado extranjero calificable. Tales categorías de empleo incluyen y no son limitadas a EB-1A (Extraordinary Ability), EB-1B (Outstanding Professors and Researchers), EB-1C (Multinational Managers or Executives), EB-2 (Persons Holding Advanced Degree or Persons with Exceptional Ability)(incluyendo the National Interest Waiver), EB-3 (Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers).

Visa de Trabajo

Si usted (junto con su familia eligible) quiere venir a los EE.UU. temporalmente para trabajar para una compañía o empleador elegible.  Estas visas incluyen pero no son limitadas a:  TN/TD visas, O-1/O-3 visas, H-1B/H-4 visas, H-1B1/H-4 visas, L-1/L-2 visas, E-1 visas, E-2 visas, P-1/P-4 visas, P-2/P-4 visas, P-3/P-4 visas, y R-1/R-2 visas.

Eliminar Condiciones

Si se le concedió una tarjeta de residencia condicional basada en el empleo o en la familia y necesita eliminar las condiciones.

La Residencia Permanente basada en Familia (IR, F1, F2, F3, F4)

Si es un ciudadano americano o residente permanente estadounidense que desea pedir a sus parientes eligibles para inmigrar a los EE.UU. como residentes permanentes.  

Visa de Novio/a (K-1/K-2 visa)

Si es un ciudadano estadounidense que desea aplicar para una visa para su novio/a extranjero/a (junto con sus hijos eligibles) para casarse y residir en los EE.UU. juntos.  

Visa de Esposo/a (K-3/K-4 visa)

Si es un ciudadano estadounidense que quiere solicitar una visa para su esposo/a extranjero/a (junto con sus hijos eligibles) para residir en los EE.UU. y aplicar para la residencia permanente estadounidense desde dentro los EE.UU.

Reemplazo de Green Card

Si su tarjeta de residencia incondicional ha expirado, su tarjeta de residencia se ha perdido o se la han robado, o si necesita reemplazar su tarjeta de residencia .


Para residentes permanentes estadounidenses que son eligibles para aplicar para la ciudadanía estadounidense.  

Certificado de Ciudadanía

Para prueba del estado de ciudadanía estadounidense para aquellos que no nacieron en los EE. UU.

Solicitud de Pasaporte

Para documentos de viaje de ciudadanía estadounidense, incluidas las solicitudes para aquellos nacidos fuera de los EE. UU. y aún no tienen certificado de ciudadanía.


The Law Offices of Rebecca Carcagno, PLLC manejan otros asuntos relacionados con la ley de inmigración, por favor, comuníquese con la firma para una consulta.




"Working with Rebecca Carcagno has been an extremely positive experience. She has exceptional communications skills, answered all my questions and submitted my application in a very timely fashion. Throughout the entire process I was confident I would receive my green card, knowing that everything was handled in a professional manner. I definitely recommend Rebecca Carcagno to my friends and I would absolutely retain her services in the future." 

Sarah M.

"I highly recommend the law-firm of Rebecca Carcagno, PLLC. She was very professional and always answered questions promptly. She was very helpful and our case was finished in half the time that was expected. She was extremely flexible with us and she even scheduled a meeting during weekend when we did not have time during the week."

Vraj P.

"Extremely satisfied with Rebecca's work. Very professional and super responsive. From making professional recommendations to preparing documents for filing, everything was done at optimal level. Our immigration application would not have been as strong if it was not for her to improvise it. Highly recommend her to anyone seeking immigration assistance."

Victor & Cara M.

"We just completed our Green Card process with Rebecca Carcagno as our lawyer and we couldn't have been happier with her service! Rebecca was extremely attentive to our case, especially at the beginning when we requested to submit our application very quickly. She always responded to our emails and answered our questions in a timely manner. We are grateful for her assistance & would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an immigration lawyer!!"

Yassine Q.

"I’m very satisfied with my experience with The Law Offices of Rebecca Carcagno, PLLC. Rebecca Carcagno has been very helpful to me with her fast and professional services at very reasonable prices (compared to other firms). Always there to answer any questions over the phone or email in a very timely matter. I highly recommend for anyone and I would work with her for any future need."


"Attorney Rebecca Carcagno is very professional and efficient.  She is also very helpful and is understanding of people having different circumstances. I recommend her law firm if you need assistance with your immigration case." 

Ricardo S.

"It was a pleasure having Rebecca working on my case and getting my green card renewed in record time.  She has excellent communication skills and is very good at explaining the immigration process." 

Ted M.

"Rebecca Carcagno was very helpful with my green card renewal.  She is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I highly recommend her." 

Juanita P.

"Rebecca helped me to change my status while I was an Au pair to get an student visa successfully. Great service and communication."

Patrick A.

"Rebecca Carcagno was very helpful guiding us through the extensive paperwork required to apply for my wife's green card. Throughout the process, she was very responsive to our calls and emails, always getting back to us quickly. She always double checked information to ensure accuracy, and she was very professional. I highly recommend her services for immigration."

Katelin N.

"We cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough.  She was proactive  every step of the way, which helped keep us calm, during what could have been a stressful process. She was knowledgeable and promptly responded to every question we had.  Her expertise and organization ensured we were prepared and knew what to expect.  She made an intimidating process simple for us." 

Charlie B.

"We found Rebecca to help us with an application for a work visa. Rebecca was right with us over the months it took to apply and be interviewed. The advice we received was prompt and detailed and communications frequent. We certainly recommend Rebecca. Thanks !"

Bregt E.

"Effortless green card renewal!"

Chansreynoch V.

"I highly recommend getting her service. 10/10.  She’s really good at her job. My husband just got approved."

Socheadara S.

"Our case got approved thank to Rebecca and I can honestly say that it was an incredibly positive experience. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of immigration law and was able to help me navigate the complicated process of obtaining a green card. She was always available to answer my questions and provided me with reliable and accurate advice. Highly recommended!"

Steven K.

"My citizenship document was destroyed by fire. Never needed it that often but an emergency came up. Rebecca worked tirelessly and endlessly to get a replacement expedited. What normally takes 11.5 months, I received in two. I can't be more grateful. Any questions I had were answered promptly.
Don't waste your time and money with anyone else."

Joel D.

" [...] I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone seeking a reliable and knowledgeable immigration attorney. Her professionalism, communication skills, and genuine concern for her clients set her apart. Thanks to her expertise, I now have peace of mind knowing that my immigration case came to a favorable conclusion."

Melissa T.

"Was a wonderful experience to work with Rebecca. She is very kind, knowledgeable and professional. I was amazed at how efficiently she handled my case, and made the process effortless. I would definitely recommend her services and will definitely work with her again in the future."

Laurie B.

"Rebecca helped me with my daughter’s immigration process. She is very knowledgeable and approachable. She responds to questions, calls and emails very quickly. She guided us through the complicated application process to ensure we were successful. Thank you Rebecca!"

Paul L.

"I highly recommend Rebecca's immigration services. Rebecca was proactive and responsive for the 2 years we have worked together, and showed a deep commitment to the case."

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